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On Exams Day

On Exams Day

by Rhema Accra -
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Kindly note the following instructions concerning Exam Day's.

This week you will write your 1st exam for the 2020-21 academic year!

# 1. Please be sure to charge the device you will be using BEFORE coming on campus. Please don't plan to use the power sockets, adapters or extension boards on campus to charge your device (See 12 d on pg. 19 of your student handbook).

# 2. Please be sure you have enough internet bundle to access and take your exam (See 4b on pg. 11 of your student handbook).

# 3. HOW TO ACCESS YOUR EXAM PASSWORD                                                                                                   a. At the time of exam you will log into Moodle                                                                                         b. Select the course that you are writing the exam in                                                                                 c. Inside of the course, click on the 'announcement' tab at the top of the course                                       d. You will find the password there. Please copy and paste it into the exam to avoid typing                       errors