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Meet n' Greet

by Rhema Accra Admin -

Kindly take note of the following announcement

Next week Saturday, 6 February 2021 we will take our annual group photo. This is the one that we frame and hang at the school. 

To make things lively we will do it in the form of a "meet and greet" .

 Weekday student will be asked to come on campus that Saturday for the photo. We will use that time for  1st enrollment, 2nd enrollment, weekday and Saturday students to meet each others (since not all were at the Christmas banquet). 

This will help promote the family spirit at Rhema and show the bigger picture of the entire student body. 

Its important to note that we will be wearing school shirts for the photo although that won't be the 4th Saturday of the month. 

That means in February you will get to wear school shirts twice. The 1st Saturday (for the group photo) and the 4th Saturday as normally scheduled.

Blessings 🙏🏾

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Praise Team involvment

by Rhema Accra -

This announcement is for: 1st year Saturday students 

Please be sure to take advantage of the training that your seniors are offering you for vocal and instrumental training. 

Very soon 2nd year will graduate. The praise team will be in your hands 💃.

 Please be diligent to prepare yourselves for the handover by joining the praise & worship team 🙏

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